Table Settings

Largest range of hire crockery, cutlery & tableware for hire

With one of the largest and most diverse ranges of crockery, cutlery and tableware, Geelong Geelong Party Hire is the place to organise all your party needs. These are the small but vital elements that will make your event one to remember.

Tap into your creative side and complete your table setting with a stunning centre piece that will leave your guests in awe, or add a unique twist to your tableware accessories to match your party’s theme. We look after everything from your salad bowls to your water jugs, your tableware to your event’s special touches and all in a smooth and delightfully easy manner.

Organise your next celebration with one of our event professionals and be surprised by how simple and customer friendly our process is. Relax in the knowledge that the basics of your event are covered and remember that we are here to make your day a success.


  • Cutlery 501
    Cutlery 501
  • Cutlery Stanley Rogers
    Cutlery Stanley Rogers
  • SS Electric S+P
    SS Electric S+P
  • S + P
    S + P

  • Tulip
  • Crown Lager
    Crown Lager
  • Washington
  • Brassier

  • Crown 210m
    Crown 210m
  • Crown Flute 210m
    Crown Flute 210m
  • Crown 260m
    Crown 260m
  • Sherry

  • Kalix Flute
    Kalix Flute
  • Kalix Red
    Kalix Red
  • Kalix White
    Kalix White

  • Mondial All Purpose
    Mondial All Purpose
  • Mondial White Wine
    Mondial White Wine
  • Mondial Flute
    Mondial Flute
  • Mondial Red Wine
    Mondial Red Wine

  • Bergundy
  • Red Vanilla
    Red Vanilla

  • Whisky
  • Hi Ball
    Hi Ball
  • Water

  • Milk Jug
    Milk Jug
  • Water Jug
    Water Jug
  • Beer Jug
    Beer Jug
  • Carafe

  • China Mug
    China Mug
  • Bistro Mug
    Bistro Mug
  • C & S
    C & S
  • C & S
    C & S

  • Milk Jug
    Milk Jug
  • Coffee Plunger 6/8 Cups
    Coffee Plunger 6/8 Cups
  • Sugar Bowl
    Sugar Bowl
  • SS Coffee Pot
    SS Coffee Pot

  • Oval Platter
    Oval Platter
  • SS Punch Bowl
    SS Punch Bowl
  • Drink Tray
    Drink Tray
  • SS Platter
    SS Platter

  • 22cm Soup Bowl
    22cm Soup Bowl
  • Pasta Bowl
    Pasta Bowl
  • Rice Bowl
    Rice Bowl
  • Small Salad Bowl
    Small Salad Bowl

  • 15cm Plate
    15cm Plate
  • 22cm Plate
    22cm Plate
  • 26cm Plate
    26cm Plate
  • 32cm Plate
    32cm Plate

  • Square Platter
    Square Platter
  • Rectangular Platter
    Rectangular Platter
  • Small Rectangular Platter
    Small Rectangular Platter
  • Large Rectangular Platter
    Large Rectangular Platter
  • Platter Generic
    Platter Generic
  • Oval Platter
    Oval Platter
  • Platter Stand
    Platter Stand

  • Square China Salad
    Square China Salad
  • Round China Salad
    Round China Salad
  • Cocktail Shaker
    Cocktail Shaker
  • SS Water Jug
    SS Water Jug